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Thank you for finding us, we are so glad you are here! At Rise and Shine Pit Bull Rescue, we thoroughly get to know each of our adopt-a-bull's traits and personalities and we strive make informed, thoughtful matches that lead to lifetime adoptions.  If you are considering adopting a dog, we you to carefully and honestly consider your level of commitment and ability to care for a new dog as you begin the process.

Now is also a good time to research bully breed dogs (if you haven't owned a pit bull before) to better understand their activity levels and general temperament characteristics.  

Adoption Considerations

The following requirements will need to be met in order to move forward with adopting from Rise and Shine Pit Bull Rescue:


  • At this time we are only able to consider adopters who live within an 1.5 hour radius of Lillington, NC

  • We expect all of our dogs to be inside dogs – in a home environment

  • No HOA or rental restrictions

  • We will conduct a home visit and contact references

  • We will ask that you be prepared to provide any future or necessary training and vet care

  • Understand the need for decompression and proper introductions with other animals

  • Lots and lots of LOVE

Steps to Adoption

If you would like to give one of our incredible dogs a loving home,  we invite you to learn more about our adoption process below.  It's not difficult and please do not be concerned about things like not having a fenced yard or not having a veterinary reference if you don't currently own a pet.  Just like we look at each dog as an individual, we review each application on an individual basis.  We will work together to find a dog that suits your home, lifestyle and activity level.  The most important qualifications are love, patience and a willingness to help your new dog succeed!

Step 1 - Review the biographies for our adopt-a-bulls and find a dog or two that interests you.  We suggest having more than one dog in mind, sometimes it's best to be flexible and open.  A dog may surprise you or choose you during the process.  Our team will also help, by making suggestions and working with you to find a dog that matches your family and lifestyle. 

Step 2 - Fill out our online adoption application

Step 3 - We will be in touch soon, to go over any questions and conduct a brief phone interview.

Step 4 - Next, we will reach out to verify any references and touch base with your chosen vet.  A volunteer will also schedule a home visit with you.  This is simply a chance for us to get to know you better and ensure the environment is compatible with the dog(s) you are considering

Step 5 - Meet the pups (this is the fun part!).  

Step 6 - We will work together to complete the adoption contract/fee, go over important information about bringing your new dog home and celebrate!!

The Rise and Shine Pledge

 Once a dog enters our program, we pledge to commit to them for the rest of their lives.   If for any reason an adoption is unsuccessful and the dog needs to be returned to us, we will accept the dog back into foster care with us.

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