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We appreciate your interest in our organization, we are currently looking for foster families in the Lillington/Harnett Co area.  Please visit our Foster FAQ to learn more and submit a foster application.  There's no pressure and we'll be in touch soon to answer questions and get acquainted.

To begin 2023, Rise and Shine Pit Bull Rescue is closed for intake.  We do this from time-to-time to balance the needs of our jobs, families, pets and personal wellness.  Rescuers are tired and quite frankly, our inbox has been overwhelmed which leaves us feeling the same way.

If you have a dog that has bitten or attacked any person, child or other animal in your home

Our rescue does not have a facility to house and rehabilitate animals with aggression, severe anxiety, or other serious behavioral issues.  We highly recommend contacting a dog trainer with behavioral expertise who can offer you an evaluation of your situation and help you determine the best course of action.   

We trust the methodology and insights of Matthew with Hardknocks K9

If you have a dog you can no longer care for for any other reason

Our rescue cannot accept owner-surrendered dogs.  We work closely with local shelters to save dogs as a critical life saving measure.  We recommend emailing other larger rescues in the region who may have additional foster-resources available and space to take dogs directly from members of the public. Include this information in your email: age, medical history, spay/neuter status, heartworm status, behavioral concerns (if other dog, kid, cat friendly) as well as a recent photo.

You can also rehome the dog safely using Rehome via Adopt-a-Pet which allows you to create a searchable profile.  It’s an invaluable resource.

If you have found a stray dog in Harnett County

Contact Harnett County Animal Services at 910-814-2952 and ask that the dog be intaked through the shelter system (even if you can temporarily house the dog) in order to begin the legal stray hold process.  There is almost always a waitlist to bring dogs into the shelter.   Post the dog as found with the shelter as well as on Pawboost and local lost & found groups.  Have the dog scanned for a microchip at a vet’s office or the shelter, it’s free and can be the fastest way to reunite a dog with his or her family.

If you need assistance with pet food or have pet food or supplies to donate

We have established a pet food pantry, located outside the gates of the Harnett County Animal Shelter at 1100 McKay Place in Lillington to help families who may need temporary assistance with pet food and supplies.  This community resource is available to make donations or pick-up pet food 24/7, neighbors helping neighbors.  Note: the pet pantry is very active, and the contents do change frequently.

If you need further assistance please contact: Millie’s Pet Pantry

In addition, we are not able to investigate claims of abuse or neglect, if you have concerns about an animal’s safety or welfare, we urge you to contact animal control (or the Sheriff’s Dept) immediately so that the proper authorities can be dispatched. We partner with shelters across central NC and they rely on us to pull dogs, when we have space available, as a critical life-saving measure.

For all other inquiries you can reach us via email at

Harnett County Animal Control


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