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You are giving a homeless dog a safe place to land as well as boundless love, care and the skills they need to transition to a forever home. Fosters are an invaluable resource and help ensure our rescued dogs have happy, healthy futures. It is our belief that fosters come in all shapes and sizes (just like dogs), the most important qualifications are having a genuine love of dogs and a desire to make a difference.


Why are foster homes needed?

  • Foster homes allow us to learn more about a dog's personality and behavior in a home setting.

  • Dogs can be quickly overwhelmed in a shelter; having a safe space allows them to relax and feel loved.

  • Some dogs need time and care to recover from illness or injury.

  • Foster homes free up space in overcrowded shelters, saving lives.

what are the responsibilities of a foster?

Your role as a foster is to provide a warm, loving home.  It's very similar to caring for a personal pet, you shower them with love, build their social skills and keep them safe. You may also be asked to:

  • Transport the dog to/from veterinary appointments (in Lillington)

  • Exercise, play with and practice basic obedience training at home.  

  • Provide frequent updates on how your foster dog is adjusting to your home, sending us photos and helping us assess your dog for his or her future permanent home.

how long will i need to be available?

That depends, your time and commitment can vary depending on your lifestyle. When you begin fostering, we will work together to determine the best "fit" for your home.  The typical foster dog can be with you for just a few weeks or up to several months.  We even have a need for short-term fosters to provide vacation/back-up coverage.

Our goal is to make fostering enjoyable and to see our fosters and our dogs thrive.

What about cost?

Rise and Shine will cover medical expenses and veterinary care for your foster.  Depending on each dog's needs, existing supplies and your desired level of contribution, we will ensure your foster dog has plenty of food, medicines, a crate, a leash, collar, etc.

Your investment is mostly time and attention.

what if i have dogs at home already?

If you have pets at home already, you can absolutely foster. We will talk with you about health and safety concerns including proper introductions before you begin. Anytime you expose your pet to other animals, whether in the neighborhood, at the vet or in other common areas - there are always risks involved. As long as you are mindful and your pets are healthy and current on their wellness care, the risks should be minimal.

can fosters adopt?

  • Of course! As you foster, there may come a time when you a dog steals your heart and fits perfectly into your home.  We celebrate these connections right along with our fosters, because sometimes dogs come into our lives for a greater purpose.

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