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Laz's Against All Odds Fund

Laz's Story

Laz's Against All Odds Fund was founded in 2020 to honor the unshakable, resilient spirit and determination of a special boy named, Lazarus.  Laz, was an overcomer of so much and an inspiration to many.  His early life was difficult to imagine, chained and neglected, Laz survived due to the tireless efforts of compassionate neighbors that eventually led Animal Control to remove Laz from his dire situation. Laz was placed into the care of the local county shelter, where years ago, as a black, un-neutered male pit bull...his fate was sadly dim.  It seemed he had only traded one battle for another.

Again, his "Band of Angels", those same neighbors who had worked for years to help him gain his freedom, united.  They visited Laz every week and even went as far as to hire a trainer to begin working with him while he was there.

That's when two deeply loving, amazing people stepped up and offered to foster Laz.  They courageously took on a dog that was scared and needed extra time, love and patience to become whole again.  Laz's new foster parents looked beyond the shell of dog in front of them and instead, could see the beautiful, soft soul just waiting to be loved.  From that moment on, Laz's life was transformed by the feeling of sweet relief, finally knowing he was safe.

Laz went on to become a treasured member of their family.  A gentle heart, he represented strength and an endless desire to love, despite how the deck had been stacked against him.  Laz unknowingly united so many people during his journey...and he continues to do so, through his lasting legacy today.

laz's legacy

In honor of Lazarus and the valiant life he led, his foster parents connected with us and together, we created a dedicated fund and special effort to serve dogs who are facing seemingly unbeatable odds.  Because every day, there are dogs, like Laz, waiting in our area shelters - scared dogs, shy dogs, dogs that have simply been through too much, dogs that deserve something better.

Our deepest gratitude to Laz's foster parents, for seeing the potential in dogs, like their incredible Laz and for seeing Rise and Shine and the work we do, as a way to honor him.  


join us in helping dogs like laz

We are firm believers, that if you are lucky enough in your lifetime, to experience the profound gift of walking a transformative path alongside a special needs dog, than you know what fully living is truly all about.  The rewards of earning their trust, slowly and patiently are beyond measure as you see that spark of joy return.  It starts subtly, with the tiniest wag of a tail and eventually grows into the most remarkable friendship. 


Some people call them "heart dogs" because they inspire you to be better, to expand your heart in ways you never knew possible and simply because they live on in your heart forever.

You have the unique power to change a dog's life forever.

By fostering.

We are seeking committed, longer-term fosters, located in or near Harnett County to join us in saving dogs, just like Laz.  Ideally, fosters would be available for 6mo+ and have no other pets at home, to allow for ample decompression and a one-on-one focus, at least initially.  We provide loads of support, cover all expenses and vet care and are actively involved every step of the way.

There are other great ways to help, too. 

These dogs often have unique and special medical and/or behavioral needs as they arrive from the shelter and donations towards their care are much appreciated.  You can make a donation, specifically for dogs under the care of the Laz's Against All Odds Fund below.

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