Meet our available dogs



Age: 1-2 years old (approx)


Dogs:  OK; Peanut does very well with other dogs!

Cats: Unknown

Children: OK with dog-savvy or slightly older kids

Size: 50 lbs

Other: house-trained; crate-trained (not needed)

Needs: Room to run & play, regular activity

Medical concerns: None


About peanut

Peanut is very much a clown, she’s happy, fun loving and energetic!  She is on the moderate+ end of the energy scale and would appreciate a fenced yard to romp around in or plenty of regular exercise. Peanut gets along well with other dogs and she actually thoroughly enjoys the company of other social doggie playmates.  She loves to snuggle and wants to be doing whatever you're doing, including riding in the car.  Peanut has earned the run of the house at her foster home and is comfortable and capable of being home, for 6 to 7 hours a day while her foster mom works.  With her pile of chew toys, cozy spot on the couch and trusty canine companion, she has done incredibly well adjusting to her routine.

Peanut is not a “barky” dog but she will alert to deliveries or if someone approaches the house, she will bark appropriately, which can be reassuring and purposeful. She adores kids but can be a bit wiggly when excited, so she may be best-matched to a home with dog savvy or slightly older kids. More than anything, Peanut is loving the life of an indoor, well-loved rescued dog and she’s looking for her people…she’s ready for the next step and loads of adventure!