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darla jane

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Age: 1-2 years old (approx)


Dogs:  OK with most dogs

Cats: Not recommended

Children: Adores kids; lives with young children 5-7yrs

Size: Under 50 lbs

Other: house-trained; can be crated (upto 3-4 hours) but not needed

Needs: Special "meatball meals", a secure yard and a family that

shares her desire for routine and couch cuddles

About Darla jane

You can typically find Darla Jane prancing around the yard, following the kids, lounging on the porch in the sun or playfully stalking her foster brother before a session of pounce-wrestle.  She’s our favorite kind of quirky pit bull.  Darla is one of those dogs who was left to fend for herself and didn’t really know how to be a dog before coming to Rise & Shine.  In her previous life, she spent nearly all of her time outside and she’s happily discovered the joys of AC and dog beds and couch cuddles. She’s equal parts playtime and naptime.

One of the things her foster family loves most about her is her gentleness and willingness to trust.  Darla Jane wasn’t well when we she arrived to the rescue and it became quickly apparent she had some physical abnormalities with her tongue that made eating difficult.  While easily managed with special meal preparations and a feeding routine, she’s looking for a family that understands her needs and is comfortable serving up meatball meals.  This wiggly little nut does the happiest tap dance for dinner which makes it super sweet! And fair warning, her underbite is pretty irresistible!

Darla attaches quickly to her people and loves to be included in the action – she is always game for a car ride, a bike ride or a walk with friends.  She adapts to new experiences and loves to explore area parks or take hikes through the woods. She can be easily distracted by bunnies in the bushes, so she’s working on building her focus.  For this reason, we would also say “no cats” although she did live peacefully with ducks at a previous home.

As far as dog friends go, Darla currently lives with 4 other dogs and has quickly bonded with one big goofy guy in particular.  She’s a typical pittie puppy-teenager who loves to play and appreciates laid-back dog friends tolerant of her vocal playstyle and ankle-biting antics.  Not liking to be left out, she will happily pick a spot on the bed with her foster dog pals and settle right in for an afternoon snooze with the whole crew.

Most importantly for Darla, is a home that can provide her with a solid routine so she knows what’s expected – she feels most secure and thrives in a home with predictability and structure (and lots of extra blankets and lovin’). 



coming soon

Age: 1-2 years old (approx)


Dogs:  OK; Willow does very well with other dogs!

Cats: Not recommended

Children: OK with dog-savvy or slightly older kids

Size: 50 lbs

Other: house-trained; crate-trained (not needed)

Needs: Room to run & play, regular activity

Medical concerns: Currently under going continued

care for GI issues. Has special dietary needs. 

About Willow

More information coming soon!