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Bluebell is a bright-eyed beauty, with a heart of gold!  She is a friend to everyone she meets and is very affectionate, loving and playful.  She came to Rise and Shine after an extended stay in a small, local shelter…after originally being abandoned.  Despite her rough start, Bluebell continues to amaze us with her resilient energy, endless smooches and happy-go-lucky spirit.  She loves toys, is currently in foster with three other dogs and has an affinity for treats and soft beds.  She is searching for a forever home where she can lounge in the sun, curl up at your feet and enjoy walks or a game of fetch in the yard.

Bluebell is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and will be available for adoption soon.  If you would like to meet Bluebell or have questions about her personality, shoot us a message!

Age: 3 years old (approx)

Spayed prior to adoption

Dogs: OK   

Cats: Bluebell is afraid of cats and may do best in a home without feline friends

Size: 57lbs

Other: crate-trained (up to 8 hours); house-trained

Medical concerns: Undergoing heartworm treatment, no complications


If you are looking for a small dog with a BIG heart, Martha is one of the loveliest dogs you will ever meet!  A gentle, grateful spirit…found after surviving the elements on her own, she’s ready to live her best life.

Martha is one of those dogs that is simply easy to love.  Calm, quiet, affectionate…she represents everything beautiful that older dogs have to offer. She enjoys leisurely walks around the neighborhood or trips to the local park and watching for squirrels in the trees from the porch.  She is learning what it’s like to be inside, warm and snuggled up on the couch.  Truth be told, it’s her favorite place to be!  She does well on car rides, has an adorable playfulness that lights up the room and she’s has quickly won the hearts of everyone she’s met.  The perfect balanced energy level in our opinion

We think her ideal home would be fairly quiet and where someone is home to spend time with her during the day.   She is house-trained and would do best with breaks to go outside every few hours.  Possibly someone who is retired or works from home and would like to have some company or a dedicated lap warmer.  She’s an easy dog by all accounts, she curls up next to you while you read or watch TV and she’s an expert at finding the sunny spot in any room. 

We feel like she may be happiest as either an only dog or possibly living with other quiet, laid back dogs.  She savors cuddle time and one-on-one attention – after being on her own for a while, it’s understandable.  Martha currently lives with one playful kitty now and enjoys his goofy antics.

She has also spent a good deal of time with dog-savvy young children and has done incredibly well (she doesn’t jump, bark or seem overly nervous despite their energy levels).


Age: 8 years old (approx)


Dogs: May do well with other laid back dogs  

Cats: OK

Size: 32lbs

Other: house-trained, non-destructive in the house

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