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Our Values


Committed to treating every dog and every family we encounter with kindness, without judgement and to connect in a way that best serves the needs of the dog(s)


To treat all dogs as members of our family and to make decisions based on their individual needs, temperament and quality of life.  Rescue can be joy-filled and heartbreaking and everything in between.  We vow to make our decisions with compassion and understanding.


To build a network of committed, passionate volunteers and dog loving families dedicated to bettering the lives of pit bull dogs in our neighborhoods


To be financially sustainable and transparent; to do what we can with what we have. Everything we do is made possible through public donations, sponsorships and fundraising events.  Our goal is to develop lasting relationships and professional partners in the community who believe in the same things we do


To be guided by positivity, keeping the goal of saving and improving dog’s lives at the heart of each interaction.

Better Together

We are better together.  We believe in innovative thinking, problem solving and sharing ideas

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