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Rehome a Dog

Resources for pit bull families

The decision to rehome a dog is one that comes with big emotions and is often riddled with hard choices.  We understand that circumstances may make pet ownership difficult or impossible at times and that finding a safe home for your pet can be a selfless act of love.

In an ideal world, rescues (like us) would have boundless foster space and adequate funding to jump-in and accomodate every dog in a desperate situation.  Unfortunately, that simply isn't the reality. We are a small volunteer run organization with limited intake space.  We are not able to accept stray dogs or owner surrenders at this time. But that doesn't mean we can't help.  We hope the information below can provide pit bull families with resources to make rehoming a dog safer, easier and more thoughtful.

We strongly encourage anyone considering rehoming their dog, to begin with a visit to Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet.  This powerful resource guides you through the steps of creating a winning profile, reviewing applications and meeting potential adopters so you can ensure your dog finds a loving new family.  Click the Rehome button below to begin.

want to make it work?

If you are committed to keeping your dog and need support or assistance in making that happen, we've assembled some of the very best resources, recommendations and professionals in our area.  We truly believe, it can be possible to overcome adversity and still keep your dog.  You can do this! There are organizations and people out there willing to help and who want you to succeed. 

Please make good use of these links.


Military Families

Military families face unique challenges with frequent deployments and a need for temporary pet care.

Dogs On Deployment

Having a baby?

If you are having a baby or need professional support to help manage kids and dogs together.  

Family Paws Parent Education


behavioral concerns

Mindful, professional training may make it possible to keep your dog at home. We highly recommend:

HardKnocks K9


Breed restrictions and a tight housing market are making it extra hard to locate pit bull friendly, affordable housing.

List of housing resources coming soon!

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